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Carpet Steam Cleaning

1. Carpets are thoroughly vacuumed including edges and behind doors with An industrial strength HEPA filter vacuum.

2. Carpets are then pre-sprayed with an environmentally friendly and safe cleaning solution.

3. Hot water extraction is then used to give a deeper clean. Carpets are then sanitised and deodorised.

4. A carpet report is provided to tenants to give to their landlords. The carpet report contains all relevant information for the job and provides evidence that carpets have been professionally cleaned.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

1. Tile cleaner is agitated over tiles with a stiff broom

2. Then a high-pressure tile cleaning dish cleans and extracts off the tile cleaning solution and water.

3. Tiles are mopped to remove excess water and sanitised and deodorised.

4. Carpet/tile report is written for evidence job is completed.

Upholstery Cleaning

Lounges are steam cleaned / hot water extracted then sanitised and deodorised

cropped shot of person cleaning furniture with vacuum cleaner, upholstery cleaning concept

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